Thanksgiving is my favourite festival教学设计

Thanksgiving is my favourite festival教学设计


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Module 4   Unit 1 Thanksgiving is my favourite festival 教学过程: Step1: Warming up and Lead in T: Good morning, boys and girls. Are you happy today? Ss: Yes. T: Today we will talk about my favourite festival-Thanksgiving. First, let’s sing a song together. Ss: Sing the song   We Wish You A Merry Christmas T: Now let’s look at a picture … Can you guess what the festival is? Ss: Thanksgiving. T: You are very clever. Step 2 Test-learning T: Look, what’s this?(出示美国的国旗) Ss: It’s American flag. T: Yes, it’s American flag. Do you know ”Flag Day” Ss:.. 板书: Flag Day T: 国旗日是纪念美国大陆会议1777年6月14日通过了美国第一面正式国旗。目前,每逢是日,到处可见美国国旗迎风飘扬,全国各地都要举行纪念活动,以示对国旗的敬意。每到这一天,美国的各公共场所、大型建筑、家里都挂国旗,各州还举行各种纪念仪式。其最重要的仪式就是在国旗下进行忠诚宣誓。于1949年正式确认6月14日为美国国旗日。 T: Today, we’re going to learn the Flag Day and the Thanksgiving Day . T: Now. Listen to the tape and get a main idea of the text. 板书:festival, special, meal, sound T: Who wants to try to answer this question? S: …… T: Boys and girls, listen to the tape again and follow the tape and answer my questions. 1. What are the two American festivals in the story? 2. What do people do on Flag Day? 3. What do people do on Thanksgiving Day? Ss: …… T: Now read the test loudly. T: Ok, listen to the tape again and imitate the pronunciation and intonation. Ss: …… T: Repeat these sentences “We always have a special meal. We say ‘thank-you’ for our food, family and friends.” Ss: We always have a special meal. We say ‘thank-you’ for our food, family and friends. T: One by one ,please. S:…… Step 3 Practice T: Boys and girls, after learning the text, let’s do a role-play. Ss:…… T: You do a very good job, wonderful. Let’s continue to have a test. Ss:…… T: Let’s have a check. Ss:…… T: Good, boys and girls, wonderful! Step 4 Summary T: Boys and girls, what have you learnt in this class? Ss:…… T: Very good. Today we have learnt some new words and sentences. You should learn to use these words and sentences to talk about Thankgiving Day. Step 5 Homework T: I will give you homework. Read the text and imitate the pronunciation and intonation. Then write something about Christmas. Are you clear? Ss: yes. T: Ok, class is over, goodbye boys and girls. Ss: Bye- bye, teacher.

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