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初中英语试卷分析 先看一篇范文作文参考:  Let's protect forests together If you travel by air across the center of Africa or South America, you'll fly over thousands of kilometers of forests. These great forests are the oceans of trees. There are thousands and thousands of different kinds of plants and animals in them. However, the world's forests are getting smaller and smaller all the time. We are cutting down the trees because we need wood, and we need more farmland. Some people say that there will not be any forests like these in 20 or 30 years. If we cut down (削减)our forests, a lot of plants and animals will disappear(消失) from the world. In a lot of places the new farmland will soon look like the old deserts.(沙漠) Crops(庄稼) will not grow there. It will not rain very often and the climate will change. This will be dangerous for everyone in the world. That is why we must take care of our forests. 初二英语考试作文 题目: Let's protect forest together 下面是王同学的作文,粗体字为错误用词,需要修改。 As we all know, forests are so important for us to against pollution. There are a lot of things come from trees such as paper, wood, ruber and so on. And trees can take harmful gases from the air and release enough oxygen back into the air. They produce clean, pure oxygen as well as well as cool the air. (So)We should use fewer paper products and plant a lot of trees instead of cutting down too many trees. Let's protect forests together. 得分:3.5 + 3 + 0.5 = 7 (总分10分) against是介词不是动词,这里应该用protect。 下面是xx的作文题目同上。 Today is World Forest Day. As we all know, forests are important. They can take harmful gases from the air. Forests are natural air-conditions. They can cool the air as well as clean it. However. some people cut down the forests (trees). They burn millions of the trees. (So)Forests are in great danger. We must protect them because we only have one earth. For example, we can use less paper (and things made of woods) to protect forsts. Let's try our best to protect them right now. 得分: 4 + 3.5 + 0.5 = 8  (总分10分) 比较下来,xx的作文句子简洁明了,逻辑性强,用词错误少,所以得分高。