八年级英语上册Module 6 Animals in danger综合能力测试(外研版)

八年级英语上册Module 6 Animals in danger综合能力测试(外研版)


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1 Module 6 综合能力测试 听 力 部 分 (25 分) 一、听句子,选择图片。(5 分) 听力材料:1.Do you like elephants? 2.His sister is afraid of tigers. 3.Last week,we went to the zoo to see the bears. 4.The pandas only live in China. 5.The snakes are very ugly. ( A )1.A.     B.     C. ( C )2.A. B. C. ( A )3.A. B. C. ( B )4.A. B. C. ( C )5.A. B. C. 二、听句子,选答语。(5 分) 听力材料:Why do you like pandas? ( B )6.A.They are my favourite.      B.Because they are cute. C.I like pandas a lot. 听力材料:How is the giraffe? ( A )7.A.It's friendly.      B.They're shy. C.Because it's dangerous. 听力材料:How is the government trying to save the panda? ( A )8.A.Make people grow more bamboo. B.The panda is cute. C.Give it some sweets. 听力材料:Do giraffes have many babies? ( B )9.A.Yes,they have.      B.Yes,they do. C.No,they haven't.2 听力材料:How many tigers live in nature reserves today? ( C )10.A.They are dangerous.      B.I like tigers. C.More than four thousand. 三、听对话及问题,选答案。(5 分) 听力材料:M:Shall we go to see the animals in the zoo,Mary? W:Oh,sorry,I won't.I don't like animals in the cages.I think they cannot be happy. Q:Why doesn't Mary go to the zoo? ( B )11.A.Because the animals in cages can be happy. B.Because she doesn't like animals in cages. C.Because she has something to do. 听力材料:W:How many monkeys can you see? M:Let me see.One,two,three....It's hard. W:Yes,they're running and jumping all the time. Q:Why can't the man and the woman count them? ( A )12.A.Because the monkeys are jumping and running all the time. B.Because they can't see the monkeys clearly. C.Because they can't count the monkeys. 听力材料:W:Are you going to the zoo by bus? M:No,we are going to walk there. Q:How are they going to the zoo? ( B )13.A.By bus. B.On foot. C.By taxi. 听力材料:W:Why do you look so unhappy? M:Because my sister is ill. Q:How is the man's sister? ( C )14.A.She is too small. B.She is unhappy. C.She is ill. 听力材料:W:I felt sad when I found out many animals are in danger.What about you? M:Me too. Q:How did the man feel when he knew many animals are in danger? ( C )15.A.He felt surprised. B.He felt sorry. C.He felt sad. 四、听短文,填表格。(10 分) 听力材料:  Dr.Paul White,an Indian,is 43 years old.He lived in Texas last years,but now he teaches science in Oxford.His favorite sport is soccer.He wants to spend his next year teaching English in China at the University of Peking. Jane White grew up in New York City.She is the same age as her husband.Mrs.White is a very famous art designer.She won a few prizes for her work.In her free time she collects videos of different movies.She is going to work in Hollywood and she wants to meet a lot of super stars there. Sara White has just 14th birthday.She still goes to school.Like her father, she is interested in history.She also likes music and wants a new walkman.So it's important for her to save some money.She is going to find a part­time job.Unlike her parents,she doesn't want to work in China or Hollywood.She wants to stay at her home in Texas.3 Names Ages Jobs Hobbies Plans Paul 43 16.teacher soccer To teach English in China. Jane 17.43 art designer collecting videos of different movies To meet super 18.stars in Hollywood Sara 14 student 19.history and music To find a 20.part­time_j ob 笔 试 部 分 (95 分) 五、单项选择。(15 分) ( B )21.Tigers live ________ the forests and mountains. A.of      B.in      C.on      D.to ( C )22.I was excited ________ from my cousin,Lin Li. A.hearing B.hear C.to hear D.heard ( A )23.You should practise English as ________ as possible. A.much B.many C.more D.less ( C )24.Mum doesn't allow me ________ out alone at night. A.go B.went C.to go D.going ( C )25.There are so many kinds of things in the shop.We can't decide ________. A.what to buy B.to buy what C.which to buy D.to buy which ( C )26.—What does Mrs Zhang do? —Her job is ________ the animals at the zoo. A.to give B.feeds C.to feed D.gives ( C )27.Have you got anything ________? A.say B.saying C.to say D.says ( C )28.There are lots of new kinds of animals ________ in this zoo. A.live B.to live C.living D.lived ( B )29.The famous singers had a concert to ________ money for the homeless people. A.invent B.raise C.lose D.order ( B )30.I find this computer game ________ to play. A.enough easy B.easy enough C.enough easily D.easily enough ( B )31.Dangerous!Don't ________ this tigers. A.take out B.get close to C.put on D.look up4 ( D )32.Your brother ________ any help. A.need not B.needs not C.needs not to D.doesn't need ( B )33.In order to ________ us to see the tigers from Australia,my mother didn't go to work today. A.takes B.take C.taking D.took ( A )34.It's very nice of you ________ me with the maths problem. A.to help B.help C.helps D.helping ( D )35.—We want to help these animals.________? —Maybe you can raise some money. A.Where are you going B.What's the plan about C.What time do you start the plan D.What can we do 六、完形填空。(10 分) Spirit bears belong to (属于) the American black bear family.They are special because of their __36__ coats. There are many black bears in Canada , __37__ only about 10% of them are white.Many scientists have been studying these bears for years.They don't __38__ why they are white.It's interesting that in a __39__ there are white and black bears at the same time! The white spirit bears are big beautiful bears.People can only __40__ them in Canada.A spirit bear is a very cute and gentle __41__.It will only attack (袭击) a person if its baby bear is in __42__.For some people,their greatest wish is to see one of these bears. However,because there are __43__ of them in the forests,not many people got to see them.In fact,they are becoming fewer and fewer.Many of these bears are losing their __44__ because the forests are getting smaller and smaller.People are worried that if we don't __45__ these bears,all of them may die off in the future. ( B )36.A.black B.white C.brown D.colourful ( C )37.A.so B.or C.but D.then ( A )38.A.understand B.buy C.lose D.return ( D )39.A.team B.club C.class D.family ( A )40.A.find B.hear C.draw D.look ( C )41.A.people B.child C.animal D.plant ( C )42.A.love B.safe C.danger D.health ( B )43.A.many B.few C.much D.little ( D )44.A.schools B.offices C.jobs D.homes ( A )45.A.protect B.kiss C.pick D.sell 七、阅读理解。(20 分) A 汈汈汈汈汈 Some interesting animals Food People in India think the cow is the mother of the earth.It gives so much but asks nothing in return.So in many Indian cities,people don't eat or sell beef.Cows in India can walk freely like the cars. Grass5 The zebra belongs to the horse family.They live in southern and central Africa.Zebras have excellent hearing and eyesight and they can run at a speed of 40 miles per hour. Grass The kangaroo is the symbol of Australia.They can't walk.They use their strong back legs to jump.They can jump over 56 kilometers each hour.They can go over nine metres in one jump! Gum trees The polar bear lives in the snow and ice.It is 3 metres long and it weighs 450 kilos.It can stand up on its back legs because it has very wide feet.It can use its front legs like arms.It can swim well. Sea animals ( B )46.________ is a member of the horse family. A.The cow B.The zebra C.The kangaroo D.The polar bear ( C )47.The kangaroo can't walk with its legs,but it can ________. A.fly B.swim C.jump D.run ( D )48.Many people in ________ don't eat or sell beef. A.China B.Australia C.Africa D.India ( A )49.The polar bear lives on ________. A.sea animals B.grass C.beef D.gum trees ( B )50.“In return” in the sentence “It gives so much but asks nothing in return” means ________ in Chinese. A.归还 B.回报 C.轮流 D.要求 B            Zoo  We have all kinds of animals you like! Opening hours:9:00 am~5:00 pm (Tue.~Fri.) 9:00 am~6:00 pm (Sat.~Sun.) Ticket:Adult (成人):$25   Child:$10 Parking:$5 Don't touch the animals. Don't feed the animals. Don't use flashlight (闪光灯) while taking photos. Don't leave litter. Tel:48635875 For more information,please visit www.zoo.org.com. ( A )51.When CAN'T we go to the zoo? A.On Mondays. B.On Tuesdays. C.On weekends. D.It opens every day. ( D )52.Mr and Mrs Smith are going to visit the zoo.Two children will go with them by car.How much will they pay? A.60 dollars. B.65 dollars. C.70 dollars. D.75 dollars. ( C )53.What can we do when we visit the zoo?6 A. B. C. D. ( D )54.If you want to get more information about the zoo,you can ________. A.call at 48935875 B.call at 48635871 C.visit www.zoo.org.net D.visit www.zoo.org.com ( B )55.Tom wants to visit the zoo on Wednesday.When can he go there? A.7:00 am~8:00 am. B.11:00 am~12:00 am. C.5:00 pm~6:00 pm. D.7:00 pm~8:00 pm. 八、词汇运用。(15 分) A)根据首字母提示写单词。 56.I think these animals in the zoo should live in nature. 57.They held a party to raise some money for the children in the poor area. 58.We should protect animals. 59.Which animals are in danger? 60.The Great Wall is a symbol of China. B)根据句意及汉语提示写单词。 61.How is the government (政府) trying to save the pandas? 62.How many pandas are there in the wild (野外环境)? 63.It's a report on the international situation (形势). 64.There is a notice (公告) on the office gate. 65.The tree that I planted last spring grows (生长) well. C)选择方框中的单词,并用其适当形式填空。 interest,develop,research,feed,produce 66.The scientists are doing a lot of research about the rare animals. 67.They developed a kind of new machine to help the workers. 68.The dog produced three baby dogs last Friday.How lovely they are! 69.My brother is interested in science and he wants to be a scientist in the future. 70.Mrs Li fed her chickens and ducks just now. 九、根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词。(10 分) 71.熊猫住在树林里和山上,它们以竹子为食。 Pandas live in the forests and mountains and they feed on bamboo. 72.请帮我查一下火车何时离开。 Please help me find out when the train will leave. 73.最后,我们按时到达了剧场。 At last,we got to the theatre on time. 74.他建立了一个网球俱乐部。 He set up a tennis club. 75.去年一场大火夺走了他们的房子。 A big fire took away their houses last year. 十、情景交际。根据对话内容从方框中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项补全对话,其中有 两项多余。(5 分) A:76.__D__7 B:No,I didn't.I was busy with my homework.What was it about? A:It was about animals in danger. B:77.__A__ A:Many people kill animals for money.78.__E__ They pour (倾倒) the dirty (不 干净的) water into the rivers.So there is little clean water for the animals to drink. B:79.__B__ What can we do to protect the animals? A:We can't destroy (破坏) the forests and we should plant more and more trees.We should try to make the water clean. B:80.__C__ I think it can do a lot of protect the animals in the world. A.Tell me more about that. B.The animals have fewer and fewer areas to live. C.Maybe we can write a letter to the World Wide Fund for Nature. D.Did you watch Animal World last night? E.Also,there are more and more factories now. F.Let's join Love Animal Club first. G.I know a lot about the animals in danger. 十一、综合填空。(10 分) large,protect,can,look,danger,science,be,neck,nature,around The kiwi lives only in New Zealand.It is a kind of bird but it 81.can't fly.It looks like a little chicken.It only has some short hair on its 82.neck and body.They are in 83.danger now.Many people are interested in them , especially 84.scientists.They think of many ways to give them enough food to eat and good places to live in. The kiwi likes a lot of trees 85.around it.It sleeps in the day because the sun 86.is bad for its eyes.It can smell things with its nose.It is the only bird in 87.nature that can smell.The kiwi's eggs are 88.larger than the eggs of some other birds.Now kiwis can only produce a few baby kiwis in New Zealand.The kiwi is almost a symbol of the country. Now the government and people are 89.looking after and 90.protecting them well so that they can grow in peace. 十二、书面表达。(10 分) 请根据下列提示,写一篇 80 词左右题为“Saving the Animals”的英语短文。 提示:1.人类活动:乱砍滥伐和猎杀动物。 2.导致的后果:动物生存环境越来越差,动物也越来越少,有的甚至濒临灭绝。 3.请你提出至少两条合理化的建议。 参考词汇:die out 灭绝,forbid 禁止,break the law 违法,be punished 受惩罚,realize 意识到 One possible version: Saving the Animals As time goes by , man has fewer and fewer forests.The_reason_is_that_people_cut_too_many_forests.And_people_hunt_too_many _animals , too.As_a_result , the_animals_are_becoming_fewer_and_fewer , too.Some_animals_even_are_dying_out.So_we_should_do_something_to_stop_people_fr8 om_destroying_the_earth.In_my_opinion , we_should_protect_the_forests_and_save_the_animals.First , the_government_should_make_laws_to_forbid_people_to_cut_the_forests_or_to_hunt_ the_animals.Anybody_who_breaks_the_law_should_be_punished.Second , we_should_call_for_people_to_realize_the_importance_of_protecting_the_animals.T o_save_the_animals_means_to_save_the_earth_or_to_save_ourselves.

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