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考试时间:120分钟     总分:150分
第一部分  听力(共两节,满分30分)
第一节 (共5小题;每小题1.5分,满分7.5分)
1.Where does the conversation probably take place?
A. At a department.       B. At the post office.     C. At the cleaner's.
2.What does the man suggest the woman do?
A. Get a repairman.     
B. Put the table together.
  C. Do as the instructions tell.
3.When will the man make the call with the headquarters?
A. At 9:30.              B. At 10:30.            C. At 10:40.
4.What are the speakers mainly talking about?
A. Children's nature.      
B. Parents' effect on children.
C. The importance of school education.
5.What is the woman doing?
A. Reading.             B. Asking for help.       C. Washing hands.
6. What's the woman's trouble?
A. She has a headache.                 
B. She can't find her phone book.
C. She doesn't have Jason's home phone number.
7. Why did the secretary refuse the woman?
A. She couldn't let out other's secrets.      
B. She didn't know her.
C. She wasn't at work.
8.What are the speakers doing?
A. Listening to Jim's singing.             
B. Attending a contest.
C. Watching a TV program.
9.How does the woman sound?
A. Angry.              B. Calm.                 C. Thoughtful.
10.What is the man?
A. A writer.             B. A salesman.            C. A repairman.
11.Why does the woman want to keep the old TV?
A. To save money.    
B. To remember the old days.
C. To decorate the living room.
12.What can we learn from the conversation?
A. The man offered good service.
B. The TV set can't be as clear as before.
C. The woman complained about the man.
13. Why is the man going to the city?
  A. For a holiday.          B. For business.            C. For study.
14. What kind of room does the man want?
  A. A suit.                B. A double room.          C. A single room.
15. Where will the man have dinner?
  A. On the plane.            B. In the restaurant.          C. In his room.
16. What food will be offered to the man?
  A. A sandwich with fries.     B. A cheese sandwich.        C. A burger with chips.
17. Where did the speaker park his car?
  A. In front of a cinema.       B. Beside a shop.            C. Near a bank.
18. What do we know about the thief?
  A. He is tall and strong.       
B. He is fat with moustache.
  C. He shot a bank clerk.

19. What did the speaker do that afternoon?
  A. He went shopping.    
B. He went to the cinema.
  C. He went to the police station.
20. What was the thief doing when he was arrested?
  A. Buying something.               
  B. Drinking in a bar.
  C. Running down the stairs.
第二部分 阅读理解 (共两节,满分40分)
Where can you find a nice place to relax on holiday for both you and your children? Well, I suggest you try the beautiful and green Isle of Wight (IOW). The Isle of Wight is one of the main tourist attractions. Here is some information on a few of the attractions on the IOW.
Dinosaur Isle
It is located in Sandown, a seaside town on the southeast coast. It's a large, lovely museum, both fun and educational. Here you can see a large fossil collection of all kinds of dinosaurs, as well as a gift shop. You can walk into the past and then the future, learning about the history and the development of the civilization of dinosaurs that lived 120 million years ago.
Robin Hill Country Park
The park is in the beautiful countryside, and is suitable for children's parties and games. It has five new gardens, and offers great opportunities to see and take pictures of the rare red squirrels.
The West of the Wight
Here we have the Marine Aquarium, the Archaeology Exhibition and the Model Railway. They offer another opportunity to combine fun with learning. This is a great place to see ancient boats crossing the narrow strait between the island and the mainland.
The Wight Bus Museum
This museum is run completely by unpaid volunteers. It has a bus collection stored in what was once a warehouse(仓库). Most of the buses in the museum date back to around the 1910's.
With all of these choices, what are you waiting for? IOW Tourism welcomes you!
21. In Robin Hill Country Park, children can NOT___________.
A. have parties     B. buy gifts
C. play games      D. take pictures
22. It can be learned from the passage that___________.
A. there are five new gardens on Dinosaur Isle
B. visitors can drive buses in the Wight Bus Museum
C. those running the Wight Bus Museum work for free
D. on Dinosaur Isle we can learn about all kinds of animals
23. The purpose of this passage is to___________.
A. show the development of tourism on the IOW
B. advise readers how to relax on holidays
C. attract readers to come to the IOW
D. tell readers what is worth visiting
24. You can read this article in a___________.
A. travel magazine     B. science journal
C. book review        D. film advertisement

Summer is slipping away from me. Some days, it makes me want to cry. Other days, I feel a sense of expectation within me just thinking about fall that makes me want to burst. Tonight, all five of us were in the family room doing our own things.
At this moment, my littlest kid is my number one trouble and my number one joy. He has a tooth on the way and although it's such a tiny thing, it's causing so much grief. I'm holding him a lot and I'm not going to lie. I live for his afternoon nap so I'm able to actually get dressed and use the restroom.
The big E is starting school soon. The other day, I found myself a bit depressed about the end of summer and the beginning of another school year. I looked out of our front window with eyes that were heavy and a bit teary. Then, I suddenly realized just how silly this end of summer depression of mine is. I can't change time. But, I can change my emotions and my thoughts. I decided not to spend my final days of summer vacation walking around with a sad face. I decided to hug the last few days of summer and remind myself that before I know it, we will be back in our school routine and all will go well.
This week we plan on meeting teachers. I'm taking my girl to have her nails done before her first day of kindergarten. We want to bake a few dozen cookies. We'll take our evening walks as usual and stay up late. And last but not least, I'll get school clothes ready, I'll pack lunches and write lunch notes, we'll read "The Kissing Hand"like we normally do, and I'll tuck my third grader and kindergartener in their little beds before the big first day.
Thank you summer, you've been warm and wonderful, you've been sweet and sticky, you've been refreshing and exactly what we need. And your sunsets have been amazing, so thank you.
25. According to Paragraph 1, the author ___________.
A. feels excited                       B. has bad feelings
C. feels worried                       D. has mixed feelings
26. How will the author spend the final days of the summer vacation?
A. Live a simple life.                   B. Stay at home and relax herself.
C. Treasure the vacation.                D. Walk around with a depressed face.
27. From the passage, we can learn that the author ___________.
A. is fond of reading novels.             B. often takes evening walks.
C. has two annoying children.            D. has no time to get dressed.

If blood is red, why are veins (静脉) blue?
Actually, veins are not blue at all. They are more of a clear, yellowish colour. Although blood looks red when it's outside the body, when it's sitting in a vein near the surface of the skin, it's more of a dark reddish purple colour. At the right depth, these blood-filled veins reflect less red light than the surrounding skin, making them look blue by comparison.
Which works harder, your heart or your brain?
That kind of question depends on whether you are busy thinking or busy exercising. Your heart works up to three times harder during exercise, and shifts enough blood over a lifetime to fill a supertanker. But, in the long run, your brain probably tips it, because even when you're sitting still your brain is using twice as much energy as your heart, and it takes four to five tunes as much blood to feed it.
Why do teeth fall out, and why don't they grow back in grown-ups?
Baby (or "milk") teeth do not last long; they fall out to make room for bigger, stronger adult teeth later on. Adult teeth fall out when they become damaged, decayed and infected by bacteria. Once this second set of teeth has grown in, you're done. When they're gone, they're gone. This is because nature figures you're set for life, and what controls regrowth of your teeth switches off.
Do old people shrink as they age?
Yes and do. Many people do get shorter as they age. But, when they do, it isn't because they're shrinking all over. They simply lose height as their spine becomes shorter and more curved due to disuse and the effects, of gravity. Many (but not all) men and women do lose height as they get older. Men lose an average of 3-4 cm in height as they age, while women may lose 5 cm or more. If you live to be 200 years old, would you keep shrinking till you were, like 60 cm tall, like a little boy again? No, because old people don't really shrink! It is not that they are growing backwards—their legs, arms and backbones getting shorter. When they do get shorter, it's because the spine has shortened a little. Or, more often, become more bait and curved.
Why does spinning make you dizzy (眩晕的)?
Because your brain gets confused between what you're seeing and what you're feeling. The brain senses that you're spinning using special gravity-and-motion-sensing organs in your inner ear, which work together with your eyes to keep your vision and balance stable. But when you suddenly stop spinning the system goes out of control, and your brain thinks you're moving while you're Dot!
Where do feelings and emotions come from?
Mostly from an ancient part of the brain called the limbic system. All mammals have this brain area—from mice to dogs, cats, and humans. So all mammals feel basic emotions like fear, pain and pleasure. But since human feelings also involve other, newer bits of the brain, we feel more complex emotions than any other animal on the planet.
If exercise wears you out, how can it be good for you?
Because our bodies adapt to everything we do to them. And as far as your body is concerned, it's "use it, or lost it"! It's not that exercise makes you healthy; it's more that a lack of exercise leaves your body weak and easily affected by disease.
28. What is the colour of blood in a vein near the surface of the skin?
A. Blue.                 B. Dark reddish purple.
C. Red.                 D. Light yellow.
29. Why do some old people look a little shrunken as they age?
A. Because they are more easily affected by gravity.
B. Because their spine is in active use.
C. Because their spine becomes more bent.
D. Because they keep growing backwards.
30. Which of the following statements about our brain is true?
A. In the long run, our brain probably works harder than our heart.
B. When our brain senses the spinning, we will fell dizzy.
C. The brains of the other mammals are as complex as those of humans.
D. Our feelings and emotions come from the most developed area in our brain.
31. What is the main purpose of the selection?
A. To give advice on how to stay healthy.
B. To challenge new findings in medical research.
C. To report the latest discoveries in medical science.
D. To provide information about our body.

"Never talk to strangers." Many children are taught this simple rule as a precaution against abduction (诱拐). In June, 2005, an 11-year-old boy was lost in the Utah wilderness for four days. During that time, he stayed on the path. He saw people searching for him but deliberately hid from them, afraid someone might "steal" him. Eventually, the unfortunate game of hide-and-seek ended and he was found. According to the Canada Safety Council, this alarming incident shows how unwise it is to instill (灌输) a fear of strangers in children. The "stranger danger" message can prevent children from developing the social skills and judgment needed to deal effectively with real-life situations. In a difficult situation, a stranger could be their lifeline to safety.
To have a child go missing is a parent's worst nightmare. The threat of abduction by a stranger is minimal when compared with other possible reasons for a disappearance. In 2004, there were 67,266 missing-children cases in Canada. Only 31 involved abduction; in most of those cases the abductor was a relative, friend, or person known to the family. There were 671 cases of children wandering off, and 332 cases of abductions by a parent. Almost 80 percent of all cases were runaways. These statistics cast doubt on the idea that children should never talk to strangers. Wandering off is more common—but a lost child may have to call upon a stranger for help, and must develop the ability to judge what kind of people to approach. The "never talk to strangers" rule does not protect children in the situations they are most likely to face. On top of this, it can be confusing. Adults do not model the behavior; they often talk to strangers. A child may not know how to tell who is a stranger, and who is not.
For young children, nothing replaces close supervision. Pre-schoolers do not understand risk and tend to act without thinking. Children need to develop habits and attitudes that will protect them from the real threats and dangers they may face. The Canada Safety Council encourages parents to give their children age-appropriate positive messages about safety, bearing in mind how youngsters may understand their world.
32. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the 11-year-old boy?
A. He practiced the "never talk to strangers" rule.
B. He hid from the rescuers to avoid possible abduction.
C. He eventually showed up when his hide-and-seek game ended.
D. He stayed where he was, expecting the coming of familiar people.
33. Among the possible reasons for the missing-children cases in Canada, which one is the most frequent?
A. Being abducted by a parent.            B. Running away.
C. Being abducted by strangers.           D. Wandering off.
34. The "never talk to strangers" rule is confusing to children because ___________.
A. a friendly and attractive person may be dangerous
B. adults do not act upon the rule and strangers are hard to tell
C. the rule does not protect children in the situation of abducting
D. a lost child may have difficulty in communicating with a stranger
35. Which would the author agree with about the "never talk to strangers" rule?
A. It is not well recognized by parents.
B. It is practical as a safety tip in daily life.
C. It is easy enough for children to follow.
D. It is not effective in keeping kids safe.
Want to volunteer?
How do you pick the right volunteer experience for you? Ask yourself the following questions to determine which experience best fits your goals.
What cause is important to you?
Identify your greatest passions.What is a problem you want to solve? Who are people you want to connect with?   36  If you don't have answers to those questions, don't worry. That's where you just have to try and learn more about the cause, and see if it attracts you.
The nonprofit sector grows quickly. Understanding the organizational structure is important for a positive volunteer experience. Would you like to work in a larger organization that might have more resources but is more rigid? Or a smaller organization that has less financial support but many opportunities to serve?
You also need to consider the leadership structure. Are they friendly, open, willing to give you opportunities? Do you see yourself enjoying your day working with them? If you answer yes, then most likely you will have a positive relationship. They will want to see you grow and develop, and you will want to help them.   38  
How much time can you put?
  39   Often, volunteers comment that they benefit from giving a lot of their time and becoming a part of the "nonprofit family." However, you may only have time to help on weekends every now and then. That's great, too.  40  
You've got a heart to give. Now, take the time to volunteer. By being our time well and get the most out of your experience.
A. What is the organization like?
B. It's a "win-win" for everyone.
C. It's just a different kind of experience.
D. Sometimes you know, and sometimes you don't.
E. What companies are there in your neighborhood?
F. Try to meet with the leader to make sure it's a good fit.
G. Be realistic about the amount of time you can spend volunteering.
第三部分 英语知识运用 (共两节,满分45分)
第一节 完型填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)
I always preferred to take on more than I should when I was a young man. At times, it was to prove to myself that I could   41   it. At other times, it was to please someone and gain   42   for my efforts. This sometimes led to   43   or frustration.
When I was an IT manager after college graduation I was   44   to work with a wealth customer and be a go-between for my company. I took on the assignment   45  , thinking that this might be my time to shine.   46  , the customer's demands proved to be more than I could do with. And the company chose to   47   the customer and try to meet his unreasonable requirements rather than stick to what we had   48   offered in the agreement. As you can imagine, this led to a lot of unexpected   49   and arguing with some of the staff who  50   to do anything outside their own work. I remember walking into my office one morning, opening my laptop and   51  the blank screen for long, thinking to myself: What should I do? That was a (n)   52   time in my life and then I finally had to give up my first job and    53  that company sadly.
Perhaps, I thought then, I could find the   54   that didn't involve dealing with difficult people and difficult situations. But later I realized: Is this   55   in our modem world? No, of course not. Now, I know, I shouldn't run away from the   56   I faced in life: I had to learn how to deal with them. I   57   not persevering(坚持) in my job. We should train ourselves to look at things from a   58   point of view, because that is far better than being   59   in the bad circle depression. I've come to  60   that when faced with difficulties, I should not give up, but persevere.
41. A. send        B. handle            C. research          D. attempt
42. A. news    B. prize    C. information    D. recognition
43. A. stress    B. patience    C. pleasure    D. appreciation
44. A. supposed    B. forbidden    C. assigned    D. expected
45. A. happily     B. strongly    C. unwillingly    D. anxiously
46. A. Moreover    B. However    C. Instead    D. Therefore
47. A. be for    B. wait for    C. look into    D. be against
48. A. frequently     B. fluently    C. originally    D. gradually
49. A. program    B. projects    C. tasks    D. misunderstandings
50. A. longed     B. agreed    C. preferred    D. refused
51. A. pointing at    B. aiming at    C. staring at    D. shouting at
52. A. funny    B. enjoyable    C. amazing     D. tough
53. A. left    B. changed    C. shut    D. lost
54. A. lesson    B. job     C. life    D. truth
55. A. interesting    B. necessary    C. correct    D. likely
56. A. choices    B. questions    C. challenges    D. chances
57. A. determine    B. regret    C. consider    D. imagined
58. A. common     B. simple     C. positive    D. valuable
59. A. required    B. trapped    C. limited    D. hidden
60. A. see    B. suppose    C. expect    D. examine

第二节 单词填空(共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)
The Amber Room 61.____________(design) for the palace of FrederickⅠat first. It took the country's best 62.____________(art) about ten years to finish it. Several tons of amber were used to make the room, 63.____________ was decorated with gold and jewels. But the next King of Prussia, Frederick William Ⅰgave it as a gift to Peter the Great, who gave Prussia a troop of his best soldiers 64.___________ return. Soon it became part of the Czar's winter palace in St Petersburg. About four meters long, the room served as a small 65.____________(receive) hall for important visitors. 66.____________(fortune), during the Second World War, the Nazi Germany invaded Russia and the Russians could only remove some small objects from the Amber Room. There is no 67.____________(doubtful) that the Amber Room was taken apart and was put inside twenty¬ seven 68.____________(wood) boxes which were then put on a train to Germany. After that, 69.____________ happened to it remains a mystery. Recently, the Russians and Germans have built a new one by studying old photos of the 70.____________(form) Amber Room.
第四部分 写作 (共两节,满分35分)
第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
Dear Mr. Wang,
I'm Li Hua, a senior 3 student in our school. I'm sorry to disturb you, and I have to ask a favor of you in the hope you will be so kind to help me.
Ever since last month, my mother hadn't allowed me to surf the Internet. In her opinion, it is the waste of time surfing the Internet and also affects my study. However, I don't agree with him. With the Internet I can easily find the informations I need; I can compare notes to my classmates if I meet with problems in my study. Also I can share something that worry me with my friends, which reduces my stress. Facing with my mother's rigid attitude, how should I do?
I really need your help!
  Li Hua                                                   
笫二节 书面表达(满分25分)
             Dos                Don'ts
1.健康饮食;多吃水果、蔬菜,多喝牛奶。    为了苗条而吃减肥药不值得。
2.保持充足的睡眠;坚持锻炼如散步、骑车等;多参加学校体育活动。    不要长时间看书、看电视或上网聊天。
3.保持良好心态,积极乐观,……。    不要一遇到困难就沮丧、烦恼。
要求:1.行文应连贯流畅, 内容要充实完整,并可适当发挥。
减肥药 weight-loss pills  
Dear Connie,
How are you going now?                                                             
Yours sincerely                                                                                LiHua
61.was designed 62.artists 63.which 64.in 65.reception 66.Unfortunately 67.doubt 68.wooden 69.what  70.former
1.and改成but   2.hope后面加that
3.hadn’t改成hasn’t  4.the改成a  5.him改成her
6.informations改成information  7.to改成with
8.worry改成worries  9.去掉with或Facing改成Faced  
One possible version:
Dear Connie,
How are you going now? I’m sorry to hear that you feel ashamed of your figure. Here is some advice I want to give you.
To keep fit, it is necessary for you to have a healthy diet. You’d better have different foods, especially fruits and vegetables, and drink milk as often as possible. It’s not a good idea to take weight-loss pills for a slim and attractive figure. It is not worth it. Having enough sleep together with regular exercise such as walking and riding is also beneficial to your health. Besides, you should take an active part in school sports.
In my opinion, it is not a good habit to spend too much time reading, watching TV or chatting on-line. Always be active and keep optimistic and don’t be discouraged (disappointed/frustrated/upset) whenever you meet with trouble.
Hope you can make it!

                                             Yours Sincerely,
Li Hua

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