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英   语
第一部分  听力(共两节,满分30分)
第一节  (共5小题;每小题1.5分,满分7.5分)
1.When will the man meet John?
A.Tonight.        B.Tomorrow.      C.The day after tomorrow.
2.What is the possible relationship between the speakers?
A.Waitress and customer.     B.Cook and waiter.     C.Husband and wife.
3.What will the man do next?
A.Search for his room key.  B.Go to the front desk. C.Change his ID card.
4.Why does the man telephone the reservation office?
A.To cancel his flight.     B.To confirm his flight. C.To book a ticket.
5.What does the woman advise the man to do?
A.Pay extra money.      B.Drop the lessons.     C.Continue learning.
第二节  (共15小题;每小题1.5分,满分22.5分)
6.What does the woman do?
A.She is a hostess.     B.She is a student.      C.She is a teacher.
7.What will the man do next?
A.Listen to the tape.   B.Memorize the dialogue.   C.Finish the questions.
8.What do they intend to watch?
A.A baseball game.     B.A basketball game.     C.A badminton game.
9.What is happening now?
A. It’s raining.      B.The game is on.      C.They are leaving for home.
10.What happened to Anita?
A.She injured her right leg.
B.She had her head knocked.
C.She got a headache.
11.Where is Lawrence Clark?
A.In the emergency room.
B.In a university hall.
C.In the ambulance.
12.What is the man advised to do with Anita before help arrives?
A.Inform her family of the situation.
B.Keep her calm and warm.
C.Drive her to hospital.
13.Who does Jane get on best with in her family?
A.Her mother.    B.Her brother.    C.Her father.
14.How many members are there in Jane’s family?
A.3.        B.4.      C.5.
15.What does Jane’s mother look like?
A.She has dark hair.     B.She is tall and fat.     C.She is short and strong.
16.What is Jane’s mother?
A.A tailor.       B.An artist.      C.A hairdresser.
17.Who has invented the antiaging chocolate?
A.A company.      B.A worker.      C.A lab.
18.When will the makers start selling the chocolate?
A.Next week.      B.Next month.      C.Next year.
19.How soon can people see changes in their skin after eating the chocolate?
A.Within three weeks.  B.Within two weeks.     C.A month later.
20.How many bars of chocolate are there in one box?
A.10.        B.21.        C.30.
第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
The last male northern white rhino in existence died this week.It marks the end for the entire subspecies and is yet another tragic reminder of how we are destroying our planet.Enough is enough.Please take action today and donate £25 to help save the critically endangered eastern black rhino.It's time to take a stand and protect the eastern black rhino.
The world is witnessing the extinction of the northern white rhino.This rare creature was once abundant across Central Africa,but unbelievable rates of illegal hunting for their horns wiped them out until just three individuals were left.With the recent death of Sudan,the last male,only two female northern white rhinos remain.This has to he our final wake-up call—we must stop the senseless killing of rhinos in the wild.Unless we act now,the eastern black rhino could suffer the same fate.It is on the edge of extinction with only 850 left in the wild.You can make a difference—right now.In 2004,Fauna &Flora International(FFI)helped to create O1 Pejeta Conservancy,a safe shelter for endangered animals in Kenya.O1 Pejeta is now home to over 100 eastern black rhinos,and with your support today,we can help keep them safe from illegal hunters.
By making a donation of £ 25 by 9 April,you could help us employ,train and equip guards to protect the conservancy and keep these rare animals safe.Your gift could help to protect the last few eastern black rhinos in O1 Pejeta.We must not bear witness to another extinction.Please complete the donation form to help save the eastern black rhino now.
Please return your form to:Freepost FAUNA&FLORA IN’IERNATIONAL,The David Attenborough Building,Pembroke Street,CAMBRIDGE CB2 3QZ,call 01223 749019 or go to www.Save A Rhino.org to donate online.
21.What's the present situation of the northern white rhinos?
A.They face extinction.   
B.850 rhinos are left in the wild.
C.They are being hunted for their horns.
D.Two female rhinos are ready to produce young.
22.What's the money raised for?
A.Protecting the eastern black rhinos in O1 Pejeta.
B.Educating people to live with animals in harmony.
C.Saving the endangered female northern white rhinos.
D.Gathering all the eastern black rhinos into a conservancy.
23.How many ways of donation are mentioned in the text?
A.4      B.3      C.2    D.1
As new technology is introduced,many worry about its influence on our present and future lifestyles—particularly when it comes to jobs.It is a common belief that with the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence,many people’s jobs,and therefore their livelihoods,are likely to be lost to automation(自动化).
This type of fear isn’t new.In the 19th century,the automated weaving machine was revolutionising the English textiles industry and would contribute to the Industrial Revolution.When workers became unemployed,it caused protests at the loss of their jobs.
Automation in the work place is nothing new.Machines have been performing dull tasks for years,allowing us to escape many repetitive jobs.In fact,the International Federation of Robotics states that in manufacturing on average there are now 74 robots per 10,000 employees.That has risen from 66 in 2015.
General Manager of Distal Customer Engagement Solutions at tech firm Nuance,Bernard Louvat,believes that“AI is a big threat to low—skilled jobs,no question.”He also thinks that AI chatbots will replace most call centre staff within a decade.When you consider that a large telecoms company like AT&T employs around 100,000 call centre staff,that’s a lot of people on the dole(救济).
And that’s just one industry.A recent report from the McKinsey Global Institule,a private sector think tank,states that nearly two thirds of all jobs could have at 1east 30%of their activities automated by 2030.However,McKinsey also believes that this new technology will also “create new occupations that do not exist today,much as technologies in the past have done.”As the horse gave way to the ear,horse keepers became mechanics and mechanized manufacturing drove up wages and created more long-term roles than it destroyed.In fact,figures from the World Bank have shown that despite a 2.2 billion rise in population between 1991 and 2017,global unemployment has fallen by 0.3%.
Whether or not robotics and AI will leave us a11 jobless remains to he seen.Current views on the subject are mixed.Increased automation could indeed lead to a loss of some jobs,but at the same time is likely to create many more as new skills are required.Will they balance out?
24. Why did workers in UK protest in the 19th century?
A.They were out of work.
B.Robots appeared at that time.
C.Their wages were less than before.
D.They were forced to become mechanics.
25.What jobs are more likely to disappear because of automation?
A.Electronic engineers.     B.Robot designers.
C.Call center clerks.   D.High school teachers.
26.What can we learn from Paragraph 5?
A.New technologies always create new jobs.
B.By 2030,two thirds of all jobs will be automated.
C.In the past,new technology didn’t bring forth new jobs.
D.Between 1991 and 2007,the rate of unemployment reached 0.3%.
27.How does the author feel about whether AI will leave us jobless?
A.Postive.    B.Critical.    C.Unconcerned.  D.Uncertain.
Déjàvu—the strange feeling of having been to this very place or done this very thing before when you know you haven’t—happens to most people at some point in their fives.The expression comes from the French,meaning“already seen.”
My friend Shannon knew that she was going to marry her husband the clay that they met.She had dated a lot of men following her divorce,but none of them felt right.Then,she met Bob.There was something about the way he smiled,his voice and the shape of his hands,that made her think that they had known each other before.After talking it was clear that their paths had never crossed,but after their first lunch date,they became inseparable.What Shannon and Bob immediately felt for each other was more than just physical chemistry.It was a natural understanding and a depth of closeness that usually arises after couples are together for many years.They were married two months after they met and have been together now for ten years.
I’m often asked how to tell the difference between a feeling of déjà vu when we first meet someone and all attraction stemming from an addictive obsession(痴迷).
There is a strong tendency among addicts to try to“fix”themselves with love,rushing prematurely into relationships inspired only by strong physical attraction.They often have nothing to do with déjà vu,but stem rather from a basic emptiness that longs to be filled.There is no true bond between the people involved,they hardly know each other,and these partnership attempts fail miserably when the pink glow of newness wears off.However,mostly déjà vu experiences convey a quality that is quiet and solid.The possibility of having a déjà vu is existing in partnerships of all kinds,particularly the more intimate ones.It can occur in business,friendships and family,often leading to outcomes that can impact the direction of our life.
Déjà vus can take place anywhere,at any time and with anyone.Don’t let these possibilities pass you by.Summoning the courage to take a chance and act,to have faith in what is not yet visible,will make the experience your own.
28.What is déjà vu?
A.The feeling that one falls in love at first sight.
B.The fact that one is often cheated by his belief.
C.The wrong idea that couples share everything in life.  
D.The false belief that one has experienced something before.
29.Why does the author mention his friend’s love story in Paragraph 2?
A.To introduce the topic.
B.To entertain the readers.
C.To support the explanation.  
D.To analyze couple relationship.
30.In what way is déjà vu different from physical attraction?
A.It occurs a11 the time.
B.It’s stable and lasts long.
C.It involves a previous experience.
D.It appears only between couples.
31.What does the author suggest doing when déjà vu takes place?
A.Practicing before acting.   
B.Calming down and letting it go.
C.Regarding it as nothing but imagination.
D.Seizing the opportunity and taking actions.
Many Canadians are aware that problems with the nation’s health care system have resulted in a lack of hospital beds and medical equipment,overcrowded emergency rooms,long waiting lists,and not enough family doctors.
Over the last 10 years,the number of medical students choosing family practice as their lifelong career has been dropping at a surprising rate.When asked why they lack interest in family medicine,students cite(援引)a heavy student debt load and the long hours required of a doctor who is managing a family practice.As in other kinds of work,young doctors today want a balance between their professional and personal lives.
In British Columbia(BC)this problem is made worse because the province produces fewer medical graduates for each person than any other province in Canada.The provincial government has committed itself to doubling the number of medical student graduates.This strategy doesn’t come close to giving us the new doctors needed each year in BC to replace those who are retiring.moving out of the province,reducing their hours of practice,or dying.
The primary care system is showing its cracks.Ten years ago,2,030 of BC’s family doctors were providing obstetrical care.Today just 945 are performing this invaluable service.Although delivering babies is a“good news”area of medicine,the hours are long,but the reward for bringing new life into the world is modest.It's no surprise,then,that many of BC’s family doctors are no longer taking on new patients.In 1999.there were 1,420 family doctors accepting new patients—in 2004 that number declined to 599,a drop of 58%.
The foundation of primary care needs to be strengthened.The Working Agreement between the doctors and government includes a series of primary care renewal projects designed to make family practice more attractive to medical graduates,improve upon working conditions,and entice family doctors from outside BC to start their business here.Yet still more needs to be done.
32.What makes medical students unwilling to be family physicians?
A.Student debt and long working hours.
B.Long term of study at a medical schoo1.
C.A limited number of places in medical schoo1.
D.An increasing number of patients and long waiting lists for specialists.
33.What does the text say about family doctors in BC?
A.They are no longer needed.
B.They are too few in number.
C.They will soon become abundant.
D.They are rapidly leaving the province.
34.Which can replace the underlined word “entice”in the last paragraph?
A.forbid    B.hire    C.remind  D.attract
35.What is the primary purpose of the text?
A.To show sympathy for family doctors.
B.To inspire young people to be family doctors.
C.To stress the urgent need of more family doctors.
D.To tell the disadvantages of being family doctors.
Letting Go of College Kids.Is Mom Ready?
The college acceptances are arriving.Kids are thrilled and parents are panicked.Your son cries,“I got in!”  36  “Is he ready?”“Am I ready?”To answer these important questions,I consulted with my very wise colleague.Here are some things he told me.
Pat yourself on the back for getting them this far.If they have been accepted to college.you have already been successful.  37  They couldn’t feed themselves and would have died without you.They were completely dependent on you.If your child can get around in the world without you,then you have succeeded.Every parent’s goal is to make themselves no longer useful.
As a parent,you have invested nearly two decades of your time,money and love in this young person.It is natural to wonder if they’ll be OK,if they’ll make it in the world.Remember,you have taught them all you can.  38   Congratulations! You did a great job.
To me,I think of young adults as baby just learning to walk and they will fall down.They even have a right to fall down.Only by falling down and picking themselves up,can they learn.I remember holding my precious infant in my arms.I wished I could fix in his mind all the mistakes I had made so he could avoid them.If he was a second generation airplane,I could improve on the design.But,he is not and each new generation has to reinvent themselves.   39   As Roy says,“Life is a tough teacher.You get the test first and the lesson later.”
   40    It is a loss.It is a loss of affection,a loss of fun activities,and a loss of community.But,you have taught them as much as you can.Let them go.
A.So you deserve some credit.
B.College is not necessarily a must for kids.
C.When they were born,they were defenseless.
D.They have a right to make their own mistakes.
E.You smile and your heart sinks at the same time.
F.It's natural to feel sad when your child leaves home.
G.And,it is a bumpy road from adolescence to adulthood.
第三部分  英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)
第一节  完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)
When I was having my coffee at a restaurant last week,a cockroach(蟑螂)suddenly came from somewhere and sat on one lady.She started screaming out of fear.With a panic stricken face and   41   voice,she started jumping,with both her hands   42   trying to get rid of the cockroach.Her  43  was spreading,as everyone in her group   44   got panicky.The lady finally   45   to drive the cockroach away but…it landed on   46   lady in the group.Now,it was the   47   of the other lady in the group to continue the performance.
  The waiter   48   forward to their rescue.In the   49   of throwing,the cockroach next fell upon the waiter.He stood   50   ,calmed himself and observed the  51  of the cockroach on his shirt.When he was   52   enough,he grabbed it with his fingers and threw it out of the restaurant.
Slowly drinking my coffee and   53   the amusement,my mind picked up a few thoughts and started  54  ,was the cockroach responsible for their behavior? If so,then why was the waiter not disturbed? He handled it near to 55  ,without any chaos.It is not the cockroach,  56   the inability of those people to handle the  57  caused by the cockroach,that disturbed the ladies.   
Many such things happen in my life.  58   the problem itself,it's also my reaction to a problem that creates   59   in my life.I understood a lesson from the waiter how to   60   to a challenge;when faced with tough times,stay calm and save a situation from going out of control and you can find solutions.
41.A.1ow       B.deep      C.attracting    D.trembling
42.A.flexibly      B.extremely     C.desperately   D.purposely
43.A.expression      B.reaction     C.voice    D.thought
44.A.also       B.even      C.ever     D.further
45.A.managed      B.hoped     C.offered    D.demanded
46.A.one       B.another     C.the other    D.the one
47.A.time       B.duty      C.turn     D.intention
48.A.put       B.1eaned     C.1ooked    D.rushed
49.A.face       B.case      C.way     D.relay
50.A.up       B.straight     C.firm     D.close
51.A.eyes       B.1egs      C.existence    D.behavior
52.A.confident      B.calm      C.patient    D.comfortable
53.A.introducing     B.watching    C.finding    D.exploring
54.A.questioning     B.asking     C.arguing    D.wondering
55.A.success      B.satisfaction C.perfection   D.truth
56.A.or       B.but      C.though      D.and
57.A.condition      B.state      C.anger    D.disturbance
58.A.More than      B.Rather than C.Instead of   D.But for
59.A.delights      B.chaos      C.opportunities   D.quarrels
60.A.agree       B.1isten     C.respond    D.refer

第二节  (共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)
If Alex Morgan had not traveled to Beijing for the Summer Olympic Games in 2008.He could never have imagined his childhood dream coming true in China,far away from his hometown in Germany.Alex worked in London at the time.“I went to Beijing for relaxation,never  61  (think)of settling down in China.”
Alex set foot in China   62   the first time in 2008.During his six-week stay,  63 (astonish)by the country’s amazing development and the abundant opportunities it afforded,he made up his mind to seek  64  new life there.Alter the Olympics,he quit his job in London and   65   (fly)to Beijing.“Coming to China is one of the best.  66   (decide)I've ever made in my life,”Alex,42,told Beijing Review.
“Running my own business has been my dream since childhood.”Alex said.“I repeatedly tell my family and friends I should have come here  67  (early)to fulfill my business dream.”His bakery gradually drew an   68   (increase)number of local Chinese customers   69   valued the sugar-and additive-free qualities of his German flavored bread.Alex said,“The secret of SUCCESS,I think,is patience because it really took time  70   (1et)customers accept my bread.”
第四部分  写作(共两节,满分35分)
第一节  短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
I've been luck to have some amazing teachers.One who stand out for me is Mrs.Zhang,my English teacher when I was in the nine grade.
I was pretty shy then.It was her that helped make it OK for me to be myself.She asked me which I was interested in,and she found me books that were much challenging than those science fictions I was reading about at the time.Then she made the time discuss them with me.
She gave me the knowledges and the belief to be a person.Now I'm thankful for a role she has played in my life.
第二节  书面表达(满分25分)



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