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第一部分  听力.(共两节,满分30分)
例:How much is the shirt?
    A.£19.15.    B.£9.15.    C.£9.18.
1. What is the weather like now?
  A. Cold.    B. Cloudy.        C. Rainy.
2. What are the speakers mainly talking about?
    A.A lecture.    B.A course.    C.A hall.
3. Where are the speakers?
    A. On a bus.    B. In a car.    C. On a plane.
4. When is the man meeting the woman tomorrow?
  A. At l:00 a.m.    B. At 11:00 a.m.    C. At 2:00 p.m.
5. Which shop are the speakers going to first?
  A. The chemist's.    B. The sports shop.    C. The bookshop.
6. What is the probable relationship between the speakers?
    A. Salesman and shopper.    B. Waiter and customer.    C. Neighbors.
7. What does the woman need?
    A. Two eggs.    B. Some coffee.    C.A cake.
8. How long should the man tal k in the speech?
    A. 20 minutes.    B.15 minutes.    C.5 minutes.
9. What does the woman advise the man to do?
    A. Give more examples.    B. Talk about the images.  C. Simplify his speech.
10. What is probably the man?
    A.A librarian.    B.A student.    C.A tourist.
11. Where is the open PC zone?
    A. In the north of the hall,
    B. In the middle of the library.
    C. On the left of the stairs.
12. Which place does the man prefer to study in?
    A. The library cafe.    B. The training hall.    C. The silent zone.
13. Where does this conversation probably take place?
    A. At the airport.    B. In a park.    C. On the street.
14. Why does the woman like San Francisco?
  A.It has no traffic jam.
  B. People there are friendlier.
  C. It has much good food and music.
15. Where does the woman come from?
    A. Pennsylvania.    .    B. Washington.    C. China.
16. What does the woman think of the man's English?
    A. Unacceptable.    B. Excellent.    C. Strange.
17. What did the speaker's parents advise him to d09
    A. Camp near home.    B. Stay at home.    C. Take a raincoat.
18. How does the speaker plan to go to the campsite from the village?
    A. By bus.    B. By car.    C. On foot.
19. What should Polly bring?
    A. Food.    B.A tent.    C. Drinks.
20. How long will it take to gel, to the village by bus?
    A. About one hour.    B. About four hours.    C. About five hours.
第二部分  阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
   I grew up in a family that ate dinner together every evening. Although my parents enjoyed wine, they rarely drank during the week and always in moderation(节制).As for myself,1 wasn't interested in alcoholic drinks and neither were my high school friends.
    So when I arrived on campus for my first year of university life, I was a bit shocked. Many different events had been organized for the freshmen, but they all had one thing in common-alcohol, and plenty of .it wanting to be left out, I joined a few of the events. But I always returned home early, feeling disappointed. Your personality, interests and experiences didn't matter at all, only how many alcoholic drinks you could absorb before passing out(喝醉). It seemed shallow to me. I wanted to get to know my new coursemates, not how fast they. could down a pint of beer.
    Gradually, however, I realized that real friends don't judge you by how much you can drink and there were other ways of making friends. I joined a photography society, took a first aid course, and every weekend l went cycling with a coursemate. I found that by engaging in these activities and sharing the fun of learning new skills together in a group ,I formed much stronger bonds with my new friends than even the strongest alcoholic drinks could encourage.
    Another valuable lesson I learned is that it's perfectly okay to say "No" if you don't want to drink. However, in many Western societies, especially the UK, binge drinking(狂喝)has become the norm. Many people who drink don't necessarily want to, but they give in to the peer pressure(同伴压力)-they're afraid to say "No".
21.What shocked the author when he entered university?
    A. The strange campus.        B. The popularity of alcohol.
    C. The drunken coursemates.    D. The limited activities.
22.Why did the author return home early from the events at first?
    A. He wasn't good at drinking.          B. He had no familiar coursemates.
    C. He hated the way people got along.    D. He was left out by the organizers.
23.How did the author finally make real friends at university?
    A. By saying "No" to alcoholic drinks.
    B. By staying away from group activities.
    C. By giving in to the peer pressure.
    D. By joining people with common interests.
21.B 推理判断题。根据下文Many different events had been organized for the freshmen, but they all had one thing in common-alcohol可知,作者被大学校园中普遍的喝酒现象震惊了,故选B。
22.C推理判断题。联系上下文可知,作者很少参加这些活动,去了也很早回家,因为对这样只靠摄入多少酒精来社交的活动感到失望,But I always returned home early, feeling disappointed.故选C。
    The Adler Planetarium Chicago is home to more than 35,000 square feet of exhibits. From huge models of the Solar System, to ancient astronomical instruments, to interactive adventures, Adler's exhibit galleries provides a passageway for you to explore the universe. The Adler also offers mini science exploration activities that are quick l0-minute lessons. Visitors can learn some interesting astronomical facts at}论se small activity carts.
     The Adler Planetarium Chicago is the only museum in the world with two full-size planetarium theaters. Since 1930, the wonder of the stars has been visible in the historic Sky Theater. Powered by brand new Digistar 3TM technology, the StarRider Theater is a completely digital, virtual(虚拟的) outer space environment. The famous Zeiss Planetarium projector is able to accurately reproduce the movement of every aspect of the night sky.
     Do's and Don'ts:
     Do Take the Bus/Train: Leave the car at home for this museum trip. The Adler is located within close proximity to public transit.
     Don't Miss the Doane Observatory: When weather permits, the Doane is open at the Adler for observing with its 20-inch diameter telescope:
      Don't Miss Museum Special Events: The Adler offers a summer camp for kids from mid. June to August.
    Ticket Price:
    Adult: $ 28; child: $ 22. Book online now to Save 37%.
    Regular Schedule:
    Mon.-Fri. 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Sat.-Sun. 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
    Summer Hours: 9:30 a.m.-6 p.m. daily.
    Nearest Transit: Roosevelt Metro Station
     Address: 1300 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60605
24.What's the main function of the Adler Planetarium Chicago?
    A. Displaying the models of the So lar System.
    B. Selling ancient astronomical instruments. .
    C. Offering a passageway to explore the universe.
    D. Giving lO-minute lessons to visitors.
25.What can visitors learn in the StarRider Theater?
    A. The history of the Adler Planetarium Chicago.
    B. The wonder of the interactive adventures.
    C. The complicated Digistar 3TM technology.
    D. The movement of the stars in the night sky.
26.If you want to try the Doane Observatory, you'd better _     _.
    A. drive your private car                     B. consider weather conditions
    C. buy a telescope in advance                 D. join the Adler's summer camp
27. How much will a couple and two kids at least spend to visit the Adler?
   A. $ 37.             B. $ 63.             C. $ 72.             D. $ 100.
24.C 推理判断题。根据Adler's exhibit galleries provides a passageway for you to explore the universe.可知,这个天文馆可以提供观察宇宙的服务,故选C。
25.D推理判断题。根据Powered by brand new Digistar 3TM technology, the StarRider Theater is a completely digital, virtual outer space environment.可知,星空骑士馆是一个完全数字化,虚拟的外太空环境,故选D。
26.B推理判断题。根据When weather permits, the Doane is open at the Adler for observing with its 20-inch diameter telescope可知,在天气允许的情况下,多恩天文台会开放,故选B。
27.B 推理判断题。从票价信息可知,2个成人需要$56,2个孩子需要$44,在网上订票可以便宜37%,所以实际可付$63,故选B。
   You use her as a shoulder to cry on. She texts you back with casual jokes. But she, Xiaoice, is only a virtual chatbot.
    Xiaoice, Microsoft's latest artificial intelligence robot, was briefly released in 2014, and returnen to WeChat in 2015, where she became a big hit. Millions of young Chinese now exchange messages with her daily, The New York Times reported. On WeChat, Xiaoice is an official account. After following it, users can start text-based conversations with Xiaoice.
    "Her incredible learning ability was why people loved to talk with Xiaoice," Liu Jinchang, a researcher at High-tech Research and Development Center under the Ministry of Science and Technology, told China Daily. Apart from her ability to identify photos and send emojis(表情符号)m conversations, Xiaoice gains 45 percent of her knowledge from interacting with users, China Daily reported.
    Chatbot programs first appeared in the mid-1960s in the US. Driven by top tech companies, they are becoming smarter and more common. For instance, IBM's latest artificial intelligence program served as an academic consultant at Australia's Deakin University, answering students' questions about course schedules and financial aid. Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa have been used as voice assistants who can read news, play music and even make jokes for their users.
    These programs are expected to move beyond smartphones, into televisions, cars and living rooms, The New York Times pointed out. However, it may take decades before scientists develop a "Samantha", the advanced chatbot seen in the fiction film Her. In the film, Samantha sparks a romantic relationship with her user played by US actor Joaquin Phoenix. Many viewers were enthusiastic about this fan tasy of virtual soul mates.
28.What does the underlined part  in paragraph two mean?
    A. She became a best seller.                 B. She became very powerful.
    C. She became a money maker.              D. She became very popular.
29.Which of the following can Xiaoice do?
    A. Do housework.                         B. Spread messages.
    C. Identify various photos.                  D. Read news to its users.
30.Which company's chatbot program can act as an academic consultant?
     A. Microsoft.            B. IBM.                C. Apple.              D. Amazon.
31.What can be learned from the last paragraph?
    A. Chatbots mainly run on smartphones now.
    B. It'll take decades to apply chatbots to cars.
    C. Samantha is played by a US actor in the film.
    D. The film Her doesn't interest many audience.
28.D 推理判断题。根据she became a big hit. Millions of young Chinese now exchange messages with her daily可知,她在微信上大受欢迎,很多中国人都喜欢与她聊天,故选D。
29.C 细节理解题。根据her ability to identify photos and send emojis可知,她有能力分辨照片和发送表情符号,故选C。
30.B 细节理解题。根据IBM's latest artificial intelligence program served as an academic consultant可知,IBM的最新人工智能程序可以作为学术顾问,故选B。
31.A 推理判断题。根据These programs are expected to move beyond smartphones, into televisions, cars and living rooms,可知,人们期待这些程序出了智能手机之外,也能应用在电视,汽车,起居室等地,所以目前是主要应用在智能手机上,故选A。
   If you watch British television on March 15, you might be surprised to see celebrities(名人) wearing funny red noses and joking; around. But don't worry. They're not mad. It's all part of a money raising event called Red Nose Day.
     Founded in 1985 by two British comedians, the aim of the event is to raise money to fight poverty and injustice in the UK and Africa. Celebrities and public figures support the event by making appearances on comic TV shows. For example, UK Prime Minister David Cameron once appeared in a music video by One Direction, which the band produced for the event.
    Britons don't just raise money for charitable causes on one day a year, but they do it all year round. One way of doing so is by shopping in charity shops. These small shops sell clothes, books and household goods just like any other shop except that it's all secondhand.
    There are nearly 10,000 charity shops in the UK. Their business model is simple: Anybody who has things they don't want anymore can donate them to a charity shop, where they are checked for damage, cleaned and priced. The money that is made by selling them is used for a charitable cause.
    The idea of buying used clothes may sou nd unpleasant, but for shoppers who have less spending money, it has been a welcome option. Now, shopping at charity shops is also becoming popular with young people looking for alternative fashion. "You can find very unique clothes for a very cheap price. It doesn't bother me that other people may have worn them. I simply wash them before I wear them." said Anne Marie, a 19-year-old from the US.
    So next time you spot a charity shop, why not go inside? Who knows, you might find a lovely dress for just a few pounds. Even better, you can enjoy wearing it in the knowledge tha t your money helped a good cause.
32.Why did Cameron appear in One Direction's music video?
    A. To earn a living.                         B. To support the band.
    C. To help raising money.                    D. To entertain the audience.
33.Where are the goods of charity shops from?
    A. Local bands.                            B. People's donation.
    C. British comedians.                        D. The UK government.
34.What's Anne Marie's attitude to charity shops?
    A. Favorable.         B. Particular.         C. Doubtful.          D. Disapproving.
35.What is the text mainly about?
    A. Red Nose Day.                           B. British celebrities.
    C. Charity in Britain.                         D. Secondhand shops.
32.C 推理判断题。联系上下文,根据the aim of the event is to raise money to fight poverty and injustice in the UK and Africa可知,这一活动的目的就是为了筹集资金对抗英国和非洲的贫穷问题,故选C。
33.B 推理判断题。根据第四段Anybody who has things they don't want anymore can donate them to a charity shop可知,慈善商店的货物来源于民众的捐赠,故选B。
34. A 推理判断题。根据Anne的话It doesn't bother me that other people may have worn them. I simply wash them before I wear them.可知,她并不介意这些东西是二手的,穿之前洗洗就行,所以她对这些慈善商店的东西是喜欢的,故选A。
35.C 主旨大意题。本文主要关于英国的慈善事业,介绍了慈善募捐和慈善商店,故选C。
    Everyone can benefit from making an effort to practice gratitude(感激)every day. The following three steps can help you start feeling more grateful, and appreciative of the good things in your life:
    Notice the Good Things in Your Life
    36  Pay attention to the small everyday details of your life-nature, people, community, shelter, creature comforts like a warm bed or a good meal. And then start a gratitude journal. Making a commitment to writing down good things each day makes it more likely that we will notice good things as they happen.
    Enjoy the Feeling of Gratitude
    There are moments when you naturally, right then and there, feel filled with gratitude. These are moments when you say to yourself, "Oh, wow, this is amazing! "or "How great is this!"Pause.  37   Let it sink in . Enjoy your blessings in the moment they happen.
    Express Gratitude
    Expressing gratitude is more than being polite. 38  Show your appreciation to someone who really did something nice. Say: "It was really kind of you to…,” "You did me a big favor when...," or "Thank you for being there when...".    39  Hold the door open for the person behind you, even if it means waiting a little longer than you normally would.
    True gratitude doesn't leave you feeling like you owe other people something-after all, if you've done someone a favor, you probably don't want the person to feel like you expect something back in return.   40  
    A. It's about showing your heartfelt appreciation.
    B. Notice and absorb that feeling of true gratitude.
    C. You can also express gratitude by doing a kindness.
    D. It's all about feeling good and creating a cycle of good.
    E. Start to notice and identify the things you are grateful for.
    F. Help someone without letting the person find out it was you.
    G. It's amazing what you notice when you focus on feeling grateful.
36.E考查对上下文的理解和推理判断能力。要选的是本段的第一句, 跟下文要有联系,下文讲的是怎样去注意生活中美好的事,所以本题要选择与小标题意思相近的E。
    If life were a book and you were the author, how would you like the story to go? That is the question that  41  my life forever.
    One day l went home from the training of snowboarding with what I thought was the flu, and less than 24 hours later,1 was in a  42 on life support with less than two percent  43  of living. It wasn't until days later that the doctors diagnosed me with a  44  blood infection. Over the  45 of 2.5 months, I lost the hearing in my left ear and both my legs below the knee. When my parents  46  me out of the hospital, I  47  that I had been put together like a patchwork(拼缝物)doll and I had to live with 48  legs. I was absolutely physically and emotionally broken,  49  streaming down.
    But I knew in order to move forward, I had to let go of the Old Amy and  50  the New Amy. It was at this moment that I asked myself that significant  51  .And that is when it  52 me that I didn't have to be five-foot-five anymore,  53    I could be as tall as l wanted. And  54  of all ,I can make my feet the size of all the shoes. So there were  55  here.
    Four months later,1 was back upon a  56  .And this February, I won two Board World Cup gold medals, 57 me the highest ranked snowboarder in the world.
    So, instead of looking at our  58  and our limitations  as something  59  or bad, we  can begin looking at them as a wonderful  60  that can be used to help us go further than we ever
know we could go.
41.A.saved              B. risked          C. ruined         D. changed
42.A.hospital            B. club            C. f ield          D. stadium
43.A.thought            B. degree          C. chance         D. decision
44.A. mild              B. severe          C. potential       D. slight
45.A.journey            B. break           C. course         D. schedule
46.A.wheeled     B. dragged        C .pulled        D. delivered
47.A.made sure    B. felt like       C. worked out     D. put forward
48.A.muscled     B .heavy         C. shapely        D. false
49.A.blood       B .sweat          C. tears          D. water
50.A.hug         B. recognize      C. fix            D. introduce
51.A.plan        B. question        C. information    D. favor
52.A.dawned on   B. knocked into    C. depended on   D .looked into  '
53.A.although     B. so            C. while          D. but
54.A.first         B. strangest       C. best          D. luckiest
55.A.struggles     B. benefits         C. rewards       D. conflicts
56.A.stage        B. snowboard      C. track         D. playground
57.A.allowing     B. giving          C. calling       D. making
58.A.challenges    B. achievements    C .devotions    D. hesitations
59.A.active        B. amazing        C. negative     D. terminal
60.A.ability       B. skill            C. tool         D. gift
49.C 考查名词。A.blood血液;B .sweat汗,水珠;C. tears眼泪;D. water水,联系上文,作者出院时想到以后只能靠义肢生活,非常难过,泪流满面,故选C。
50.A考查动词。 A.hug拥抱;B. recognize认识;C. fix修理;D. introduce介绍,文中是告别过去拥抱未来,积极投入新生活的意思,故选A。
51.B考查名词。A.plan计划;B. question问题;C. information信息;D. favor喜好,呼应第一段,即那个改变作者一生的问题,故选B。
52.A考查词组。A.dawned on渐渐明白;B. knocked into撞上;C. depended on取决于;D .looked into调查,根据语境,作者在思考人生方向时明白自己可以不被生理的高度限制,成为一个“高大”的人,故选A。
53.D考查连接词。A.although尽管;B. so所以;C. while当……时;D. but但是,联系上文,虽然作者生理上因失去双腿而矮小,但是却依然可以成为一个“高大”的人,故选D。
54.C考查比较级。A.first最先;B. strangest最强;C. best最好;D. luckiest最幸运,因为是义肢,所以可以做成适合任何鞋子的尺寸,另一方面来说这是最好的事了,故选C。
55.B考查名词。A.struggles奋斗;B. benefits益处;C. rewards奖励;D. conflicts冲突,联系上文,这是这场病带来的改变中的益处,故选B。
56.B考查名字。A.stage舞台;B. snowboard滑雪板;C. track轨道;D. playground操场,由第二段第一句滑雪训练可知,这里是指回答滑雪板,故选B。
57.D考查动词。A.allowing允许;B. giving给予;C. calling呼喊;D. making使……,制作,获得了两块金牌了,使我成为了这一领域的最高排名,故选D。
58.A 考查名词。A.challenges挑战;B. achievements成就;C .devotions祈祷;D. hesitations犹豫,与limitations(局限)并列,应选A。
59.C考查形容词。A.active积极的;B. amazing惊人的;C. negative消极的;D. terminal终点的,晚期的,与bad对应,应选择负面的词语,故选C。
60.D考查名词。A.ability能力,才能;B. skill技能,技巧;C. tool工具;D. gift礼物,天赋,根据原文,面对困难,与其被失意打到,不如直面它,相信它是上天带来的考验,是通向成功的礼物,故选D。
第二节  (共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)
    The best way to deal with sports injuries is to keep them from happening in the first place. Knowing  the rules of the game you're playing and using the right 61    (equip) can go a long way toward preventing injuries. If you think you've been injured, pull 62    (you) out the game or stop 63    (do) your activity or workout. Let a coach or parent know what happened in case you need to see a doctor. Serious head and neck injuries happen most often in athletes 64  play contact sports like football. Keep the injured person still with his or her head[  65  (hold) straight while someone calls for emergency 66    (medicine) help. If the person 67   (lie) on the ground, do not try to move him or her.
    Your first question after a sports injury will   68   (probable) be, "When can I play again?" This depends on the injury and what your doctor tells you. Even if you can't return to your sport right away, a doctor might have suggestions and advice 69    what you can do to stay fit. Always check with your doctor一  70  trying any activity following an injury.
67.is lying/lies
第四部分  写作(共两节,满分35分)
    增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号( ),并在其下面写出该加的词。
    I've learnt from the notice that you're looking for an English editor for us school paper. I'm written this letter to apply for the position.
    I'm Li Hua, Senior Three student in our school. In my view, I met your requirements: for one thing, I'm willing to devote some of my spare time to serve others; for another, I'm good at both English or Fine Arts. I'm either skilled in using computers.1 would be glad if you could offer to me an opportunity for an interview.
    I'm looking forward to your kindly reply at your earliest convenient.
73.Senior 前加a
75.serve →serving
72.written→writing 考查动词时态。写信是现在进行时,所以要改为writing。故改为writing。
73.加a 考查冠词。“我是李华,我们学校一个三年级学生”要加上a。故添加a。
75.serve →serving 考查词组。devote some time to dong sth. 花时间去做某事,是固定结构。故改为serving。
76.or→and 考查连接词。根据both一词可知。英语和美术是并列的,应用and。故改为and。
78.去掉to考查动词词组。offer sb. sth.给某人提供某物,不需要介词to。故去掉to。
80.convenient→convenience 考查名词。at one's convenience 在某人方便的时候。故改为convenience。
    1.小说收到;    。
Dear Peter,
Li Hua
Dear Peter,
    I’m glad to receive the novel. Thank you for such a lovely gift as I have been expecting for a long time. This novel gives me some insights into American society and daily life.
    I know you’re interested in Chinese festivals, and therefore I choose an album of paper cutting for you.     Paper cutting is a unique form of Chinese cultural relics, which is often used as a decoration for a joyous atmosphere. I hope it will bring happiness and luck to your family as it always does in China.
    Best wishes. Expecting you to come to China and experience the rich culture in person. (105 words)
                                                                         Li Hua

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